Pomodoro Recorder ~ record Pomodoro activity ~

Pomodoro technique

Pomodoro technique is one of the time management method.
It is really simple, but quite powerful for improving productivity.

Pomodoro technic overview
– decide task(s) to be done
– keep focus for certain time (typically it is 25 min.)
– after keeping focus, take a rest (typically it is 5 min.)

How to start
1. divide your task into chunk for 25min (if necessary)
2. decide task for next 25min.
3. start the task (and start the timer)
4. after starting the task, keep your focus on your task, nothing else.
5. if task is done or timer rings, stop the work, take a rest.
6. after the rest, back to 2

– You might be not so good at dividing task into chunk, but it is ok. Your estimation task also would be improved during Pomodoro.

– Let’s try to keep focus on the task you selected. If you think your popping up idea is really important, let’s keep your nice idea on side-note, then come back to main task.

– don’t skip “taking a rest”, taking a rest would contribute keeping your focus on next task.



Easy to use

Using Pomodoro Recorder is really easy.


Diagram might looks complext, but basic operation is really simple.
When you start working on task or taking a rest, push “Start”. When ended, push “Done”. That’s it !

internal state

Following is a application internal state chart.
# note: don’t need to remember, but would help to understand the meaning of the buttons.



When timer expires, you will get notification. In the notification, there are several options, you can control Pomodoro Recorder from the options too.



With using In-App purchase, you can buy and use Pro feature.

Note: One-week free trial is also available.

Please check price in AppStore or In-App purchase screen (in Preferences).

Pro feature

Recoding in Calendar
– You can store Pomodoro activity as Calendar event in specified Calendar with specified name.
– You can check “how many Pomodoro has done”, “how many hours are used in Pomodoros”